<% Dim theVertaling Set theVertaling = new tblVertaling %> Database menu

<%=theVertaling.Vertaalwoord("Stock list of Vooruitgang-Trucks")%>

<%=theVertaling.Vertaalwoord("Select the type of vehicle of your interest!")%>

<%=theVertaling.Vertaalwoord("Tractor units")%>
<%=theVertaling.Vertaalwoord("Long Chassis Trucks")%>

<%=theVertaling.Vertaalwoord("If you would like to view a picture of one of the vehicles, just simply click on the code number (first column). Click on stock database on the left of your screen to come back to this screen again.")%>

<%=theVertaling.Vertaalwoord("If you would like more information on a specific vehicle, please send us an e-mail (info@vooruitgang-trucks.nl), a fax or give us a call. Use the code numbers of the truck with all the correspondences, so there can not be a mix up. One of our representatives will answer your request as soon as possible. Information concerning the address and phone / fax numbers of our company, can be found at our address.")%>